Beach Body?

We all know, or should know by now, that the best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on and feel good. In fact, put any form of swimwear on that you feel comfortable in and let go of what other people might say, or think.

That said, there are many of us who still feel that a certain amount of preparation goes into our beach body. I have just got back from a holiday in Crete, Greece; I have to admit that I stepped up my workouts a notch before I left, although I did next to nothing whilst I was out there. My preparation involved an hour working out each day before I left, using Fitness Blender’s Strong and Lean videos. I also had a leg wax, LVL lashes and an eyebrow shape and tint, so that I could feel confident makeup free. Plenty would say that all of this was unnecessary, but it helped me feel more confident.

5 Day Strong and Lean.

I really enjoyed this workout programme, and I felt that this was more suitable than the FB30 videos for my current fitness level. I did the FB30 programme nearly 2 years ago now, and it was great to fit into my working week, but now I have more time, the 50min videos push me harder and I feel I make more progress with this length of workout. I will continue to use these videos for the remainder of the summer holidays, as far as I can, to make the most of the time I have off.

LVL Lashes.

I have never had lash extensions, or worn fake eyelashes. My lashes are naturally long but fair. I usually invest in a decent waterproof mascara for holidays, but I saw these advertised and thought I would try them. Essentially, it’s an eyelash tint, but what makes it more effective and dramatic, is that they perm the lashes into a curl as well. This seemed like a perfect solution for me, as it lasts 6-8 weeks with no maintenance and you can swim without fear of losing them! I had a patch test 24hrs before, and then on the day, my lash technician applied a shield to my closed eyelids, combed my lashes over it individually and applied a perming solution to curl them to the desired shape. I had a medium shield, you can have a small or large shield dependant on your lash length. After lying there with your eyes closed for about 20mins, the tint is then applied. The effect is exactly what I was looking for – natural, but with enough drama that I haven’t needed to wear mascara since. In fact, the only make up I took on holiday was a BB cream with SPF, and a cheek and lip tint.

lvl lashes
My lashes today – no make up.


Beach Ready?

I took several bikinis and swimsuits with me, and even though I wasn’t doing any exercise other than swimming and snorkelling, I felt happy and comfortable poolside and on the beach. Looking around, I saw women of all shapes and sizes, enjoying themselves. I saw not one woman without cellulite, and I didn’t care whether mine was visible or not. I ate whatever I want, I drank whatever I want. It was bliss.


The last time I went abroad, I was fully in the grips of my ED. I took a meal replacement shake to cover my lunches, freaked out about pizza and pasta (I was in Italy,) and did obsessive lengths in the pool. to try and make up for the food I was consuming. This time, I was all inclusive, so wasn’t going to waste any of the gorgeous food available. I also was conscious of the burn risk (pale skin anyone?) So I couldn’t spend ages in the pool or sea. In addition, I had some really good books to read, so a lot of time was spent reading on the beach with a cocktail by my side. However, after the week was over, I could feel myself starting to get itchy about not having exercised in a while, and whilst my food there did include lots of fruit and veg, I also drank alcohol every day. I am not sure whether that feeling is just being healthy and listening to my body, or whether my ED was starting to rear its ugly head, either way, I am back to working out, but still eating intuitively.


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