FBSweat – Results and Reflections.

Final stats:

  • Weight – 56.7kg (125lb) (+1.7kg)
  • Body Fat Percentage  – 14% (+0.5%)
  • Muscle Percentage – 44% (+0.8%)
  • Waist – 65cm (26″) tense. (-1cm)
  • Hips – 81cm (32″) (no change)
  • Bum – 93cm (36″) (+2cm)

Again, these were measured first thing in the morning, pre-workout and breakfast. This is the first time I have recorded stats in order to measure progress for a long time.

I am happy with the weight gain, as most of my body hang ups are about being too small, rather than being too big. My BF percentage has gone up a tiny bit, but so has my muscle percentage, so I am not overly concerned – especially since I have lost 1cm from my waist (probably the only area of myself that I want to be small).

None of these changes are particularly visible, and I avoided the before and after underwear shots which might have been more illuminating. I can spend ages in front of the mirror scrutinising my body, deciding one day that I look good and the next day that I look awful, so I can’t give you an accurate description of how I look. Overall, I am feeling more confident, fitter and stronger.

FBSweat – Pros

  • Workout length is customisable – 30/50 minutes, dependent on your schedule.
  • 2 rest days make the week flexible – less panic if you miss a day!
  • Covers total body.
  • Nice blend of cardio and strength.
  • Usual FB style of real-time video, with calorie counter and timings done for you. I prefer exercising along with someone rather than following a set of instructions ala BBG.


  • 5 days of exercise in a row make my hair washing regime a nightmare!
  • There is a good blend of cardio and strength, but for me personally I had to add more strength as I felt there was too much cardio.

Despite these cons, I still really enjoyed this program. I like logging into my calendar each day to see what is in store and ticking off my workout complete at the end. It kept me accountable for my fitness and got me back on track, it also got me to try some new things. 4 weeks is also totally achievable but is also long enough to start to see results. Fitness Blender encourages you to do a PFT at the start and end of the program, but I forgot to do it at the start, so doing it at the end seemed a little pointless.

If you are looking at my stats and thinking that perhaps FBSweat is not the program for you, let me highlight a few points to note:

  1. My goal was never fat loss, I am naturally slim – trying to gain muscle.
  2. I skipped 2 HIIT workouts as I was concerned about losing fat over gaining muscle and replaced them with low impact strength training.
  3. I ate a lot over the past 4 weeks – including cake, sausage rolls, chocolate, crisps, cheese and biscuits. (Not all at once!)
  4. I had two nights of binge drinking over the whole 4 week period.

So where next?

Well, it’s the end of term so, naturally, I am getting ill. I will probably not exercise much this week, as I am absolutely exhausted and it would be counterproductive. I also have mock exams to mark which absorbs most of my free time.

As long as I am better by the weekend, I aim to start a new program. I like to focus on lower body strength, but FBSweat has also taught me the importance of upper body too! Therefore, I expect my new weekly regime will look something like this:

  • 2x lower body strength
  • 1x upper body strength
  • 1x core

I will probably use Fitness Blender as my primary source for these workouts, however, I also want to try some of Blogilates core workouts as I have read that these are short and effective.

I will update with my experience of Blogilates workouts, as I haven’t tried them before.


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