FBSweat – Progress

My last post was full of hope and good intentions, as I set out to get back on track with my fitness – following Fitness Blender’s FBSweat  – 5 days a week.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another post about failure – I have been managing ok – although some days have been a real struggle, mainly due to my long working hours.

I have almost completely given up on morning workouts. Despite feeling amazing once I have completed them, and then not having to worry about fitting a workout in later, I have been too exhausted and so have completed a fair few workouts between 8-10pm instead. I have squeezed a few in during some (rare) free time during the day.

I have also, almost without exception, opted for the shorter 30-40minute workout option each day, rather than the 40-50minute option. This is also due to the time needed either side of working out, for changing, showering and refuelling etc. If I am heading back out to work, I also need time to reapply make-up. All in all, a 2 hr window is usually necessary to ensure I make my next appointment on time and presentable!

I have tried to stick to Mon-Fri workouts, with weekend recovery, but there have been a few occasions where I have missed a mid-week workout and therefore moved it to the weekend. As I am (shock) not trying to lose weight, I did on one occasion skip a HIIT workout and replace it with a lower impact lower body strength training workout (technically an extra-credit challenge.)

I gave details of the typical week structure in my last post and reflected on how I had experienced working my upper body much more often. I have got these done, but with less motivation… The lower body workouts have been my favourite, and I have been adding ankle weights for greater resistance on leg lifts etc. I have appreciated the convenience of total body workouts, but find that because my upper body is comparatively much weaker – I have to lift lighter. For example, a typical weight for squats that I would use would be 28lbs, but when I add in a curl/raise/press with the arms, I have to lower to 18lbs. Now obviously, the answer here is to improve upper body strength in order to even things out, but as I said I struggle with motivation here – probably (and sadly) because, I am pretty happy with my arms. (That gives you a small insight into my totally wrong motivations for working out – I am working on it).

As for the diet?

I continue to try to eat healthily, but have not restricted any calories.  I have been so hungry. This article from Kelli was very illuminating and convinced me I shouldn’t be starving myself. If I have worked out, or know  will be later, I do not feel guilty about a slice of cake or a biscuit (they’re available free, twice a day, where I work). I also supplement with a protein shake after I workout.

The last couple of weeks have looked like this:

  • 7am:’Bulletproof’ style coffee (coconut oil and collagen) or hot lemon water.
  •  11am: Fruit/Yoghurt/Eggs/Green Smoothie (occasionally cake/sausage roll!) This is all dependant on my lesson timings and what is available at home or in the staff room.
  • 1pm: Meat and veg/salad (occasionally carbs) plus fruit, jelly or cheese and biscuits.
  • 3:30pm: Sandwich/Fruit and nuts/Green smoothie.
  • 6pm: Meat and veg (occasionally carbs).
  • 9pm: Yoghurt/ Nut butter/ Fruit/ Toast.

I am approaching the end of week 4, so will aim to update next week with my new stats and final reflections.


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