FBSweat – Week 1 Review

Day 1 Stats:

  • Weight – 55.5kg (122.4lb or 8.7 stone)
  • Body Fat Percentage  – 13.5%
  • Muscle Percentage – 43.2%
  • Waist – 70cm (27.5″) relaxed; 66cm (26″) tense. (Hello bloating)
  • Hips – 81cm (32″)
  • Bum – 91cm (36″)

Strangely, not as depressing as I expected. I feel a lot more out of shape than these stats suggest. These were all measured on the morning of day 1, after I had woken up and pre- workout.  I have never really taken any measurements before, and I know that the ‘sad step’ is not encouraged by figures like Joe Wicks, nevertheless, I am not trying to lose weight – just interested to see what, if any, changes occur over the next few weeks.However, it was 06:30 and I drew the line at ‘before’ photographs in my underwear.

This week I have worked out every day Mon-Fri. Whilst FBSweat offers the option of a 50-minute workout, I have opted for the shorter options due to time constraints. The workouts have therefore ranged from about 25-36 minutes each.

Day 1 – Lower Body Strength with Cardio Intervals

It was an early start, but I was keen to get going which got me out of bed! I really enjoyed day 1, it was within my comfort zone and offered exercises I was familiar with, with an appropriate level of challenge. I was using 24lb per hand for deadlifts and 12-14lb per hand for squats/lunges. One thing I have been struggling with is the best place to hold my dumbbells when doing lower body. I notice Kelly usually puts hers up onto her shoulders, whereas Daniel puts his by his sides. They have addressed this in their videos and explained that it doesn’t make a lot of difference, however I find that I am more comfortable with my weights by my sides, as having them up on my shoulders for too long makes my shoulders ache (maybe I am holding them wrong?) I tend to compromise by holding them at my sides for lunges, and on my shoulders for squats. Having them at my sides for squats feels very unnatural, so I put up with some shoulder burn!

Day 2 – Upper Body and Cardio

Another morning workout, although having a free period lesson one meant I didn’t have to get up quite as early to get it done. (Perks of living onsite). As expected, my legs were pretty sore after returning to exercise yesterday! That being said, they still worked in this workout with some lower body cardio. This was my first upper body strength routine for months and I felt it. I was using much lower weights, in fact, my lightest weights for most of this routine. The most I held was 9lb per hand for bicep curls. I didn’t feel too bad about this, my upper body is not really an area I focus on, but it will be good to improve.

Day 3 – HIIT + Core

An afternoon workout today, which was nice. This workout involved some HIIT, which I love and the core exercises made a nice change. I love working my core, but usually only as a side-effect of other exercises. It was great to focus on it, and working on my core always makes me feel slimmer, tighter and generally more confident for the rest of the day.

Day 4 – Upper Body Strength

Ouch, back to that upper body, and another 06:30 start. I stuck to low weights for this as it’s still only week one. It was interesting to see what Kelly was lifting, but I only matched her weights for a couple of sets!

Day 5 – Lower Body Strength with Cardio Intervals

I was worried about squeezing this workout in, but opted to skip the provided dinner in school and eat later at home to fit it in at 17:30. This also meant I avoided the traditional Friday burger and chips! I was tired after a long week, but being back in my comfort zone with lower body exercises was a good feeling. Whilst I hate the early starts, it does feel good to get your workout done first thing, and when I leave my workout to the evening, there’s always the danger of something else coming up. I had thought about doing the extra-credit to lengthen this workout, but my legs were done after 36 minutes of hard work! By 20:00 I was showered, back in my classroom and holding a 5th form prep drop in session. Smug.

Week 1 Reflection

FBSweat offers an optional recovery workout on day 6, but as I am umpiring an away game of netball this afternoon, then going on duty in the boarding house, I am not sure I will fit a full one it. However, I do need to stretch my back out a bit, as it always niggles and this has been a big week for it! Tomorrow is a boarders’ trip to Harry Potter World, so I doubt it will happen tomorrow either!

Overall week one has been a great start to the programme. I have enjoyed the challenge and variety. Having my workouts preplanned and in my calendar is so useful and I have been able to access them from my laptop, iPad and phone when I need to. Hitting that green workout complete button is very satisfying! If you want to try it too, you can see further details here: FBSweat.

The programme also comes with a clean eating guide. Due to my past history with disordered eating, I have shied away from macros and calorie counting, especially as I am not trying to lose weight. However, this week I have tried to make sensible choices and get a good amount of protein in.

A typical eating day for me this week has been:

Morning: Black coffee, 1tsp coconut oil and collagen hydrolysate; or just hot water and lemon if I am doing a morning workout (I read that caffeine before a workout isn’t a great choice.)

Post-workout: Protein shake (I use a whey isolate, mixed with 100ml water and 100ml semi-skimmed milk, or 200ml almond milk.)

Breakfast: If I need more than my coconut oil and collagen coffee, I opt for eggs and brown toast with avocado or fruit on the side. When I have time I blitz spinach/kale, flax seeds, Amazing Grass, berries and water into a green drink.

Lunch: Protein source and vegetables/salad. I sometimes have a jelly for dessert as a treat!

Dinner: Protein source, carbs and vegetables/salad. (My meals are provided in school, so it depends on what the cooks have prepared. This week has been chicken, pork and salmon with various veg and salads. I have had cheese and fruit after dinner twice this week. I don’t like potatoes much, so tend to go without them if they are the carb source and instead have extra veg. When I ate at home I had a super speedy post-workout favourite: tuna pasta!)

Snacks and drinks: My school provides snacks at 11:00 and 15:00. I have indulged in a couple of biscuits here and there, and I couldn’t resist the homemade chorizo sausage rolls on Thursday! In terms of drinks, I always stick to water, green tea or mint tea during the day. I try to have no more than 3 cups of coffee a day. Last night I had a single gin and tonic.

I haven’t kept a strict food diary, I have eaten when I am hungry and I haven’t beat myself up about any unhealthy choices. I would say that I have probably eaten 80% healthy and 20% treats. I know people say that nutrition is half the battle when it comes to making changes to your body composition, but in terms of my own wellbeing, it’s not worth the risk of encouraging any further disordered eating.

I feel great after finishing my first week back in the game, and I am looking forward to week two!



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