Mindful Mondays.

Last Monday I had an introduction to Mindfulness. I teach at a boarding school, and from September will also be an assistant housemistress, so I was offered this training not only to ease my own stress, but to assist pupils with managing theirs.

We only had a couple of hours, but we talked about any experience we had of mindfulness, yoga, meditation etc., and what we hoped to achieve through the course. We then did a few exercises, just where we sat, one focusing on each of our senses and another was a body-scan. Since then we have been encouraged to be mindful each day and I have used Headspace app to help me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I am still very new to it. On a personal level, I want to be able to live more in the moment, rather than worrying about the past and the future. My health and fitness experiences have taught me that a healthy mind is just as important, and in fact, a key part of having a healthy body. So far, I have just been doing 10 mins a day via the Headspace app, which I have found to be very straightforward and approachable. After my ten minutes I always feel calm and recharged.

On Wednesday we have a full day of training, which will help me further my practice. I will be updating with more of what I have learned, so expect more mindfulness from me to come!


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