Yogi Yogi Bear.

Everyone seems to want to be ‘ one of those people who practices yoga.’ You know, the type in leggings, yoga mat tucked under one arm, sipping green tea and only buying organic.

I like green tea.

And I do wear leggings.

And I buy organic when my pay allows it.

But, I also eat burgers, ice cream and pizza, like binge-watching box sets and drinking wine.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I recommended ‘Bad Yogi’. When I hurt my back, I was very frustrated that I could do no exercise, so I turned to yoga and pilates. I followed Erin Motz (Bad Yogi founder) 30 days of yoga sequence of videos on YouTube and practised daily. Soon it was part of my fitness regime and I would do it after my work outs and on my rest days. Now, obviously, yoga alone isn’t going to burn tonnes of calories, or build enormous muscles. What it does do is calm you, strengthen you using your body weight and increase flexibility. I like Bad Yogi because it’s pretty down to earth, you don’t need to the herbal tea drinking vegan to fit into the community.

Now, I hadn’t done a lot of yoga since last summer, but I knew I wanted to get back into it. I kept saying I was going to start going to a proper class where a teacher could help me with my form, but I just never got round to it. Then last week, I finally bit the bullet, looked up a local class, found a time that suited me and emailed the instructor.

So after a long day at work, I changed into my yoga gear, hopped in my car and hoped that she would be providing yoga mats as I had forgotten mine. The class was being held in her home studio, and would be a small group. Daunting, but at least I knew she would make sure I was doing it right, no escape.

When I arrived, flustered because despite my sat-nav I had got lost, I was the first one. For a little while I was nervous that I would be the only one in this lady’s private yoga studio, but soon three others joined us. We began with a flow that was fairly familiar to me. A lot of old favourites: down dog, up dog, chaturanga, warrior… Having the small group meant that it was easy to follow, and the teacher came around and corrected our posture and positions when needed. With her careful supervision I did my best crow yet, and was able to advance my shoulder stands. I gave a headstand a good attempt, but definitely something to work on there! Strength training is my favourite exercise, but I always focus on lower body. I could tell that my upper body needed some more strength to be able to advance some poses. Hopefully, as I continue to attend this weekly class alongside my usual exercise regime, I will see some improvement,  I think I will include more yoga in my cool downs too.

After an hour and a half my muscles were shaking and the relaxation stage was very welcome. As we all lay in silence, my stomach rumbled very loudly several times.

Obviously, in true Bad Yogi style, I went home and had a burger for dinner. Yum.





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