Vegans Killed Yoga?

When I discovered the ‘Yoga is Dead’ Podcast, I deliberately left the episode titled ‘Vegans Killed Yoga’ until last, because I didn’t want to be put off listening to the advice and experiences shared by Jesal and Tejal, because of my own strong beliefs about animal exploitation. I was determined to be open-minded and to hear why ‘Vegans Killed Yoga.’¬†

It was a hard listen and I did have to do it in parts, because I will admit it frustrated me. Not on behalf of the vegans (we are not victims), but on behalf of the animals. I wish to outline here why I think this episode missed the mark.

Beach Body?

We all know, or should know by now, that the best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on and feel good. In fact, put any form of swimwear on that you feel comfortable in and let go of what other people might say, or think.

That said, there are many of us who still feel that a certain amount of preparation goes into our beach body.

Charity Zumbathon and Batiste 2in1!

I broke up for the summer holidays on 30th June, and left for CCF camp on 1st July. Some might think that is not the ideal start to a summer break, but when you have 9 weeks off, a week getting paid to accompany some military activities and enlighten men as to a young woman’s […]


I was having a conversation with a female friend about the dreaded c-word. Many of the girls who are a part of the boarding house I work in have been asking me about how to get rid of it, and I was just about to explain the response I gave when a male co-worker interrupted¬†me and said: ‘Exercise more, obviously.’

Eggs and Oats

I eat this, even though the smell of the cinnamon and the trickle of oats onto scales take me straight back to the days of obsessively measuring macros. I still eat this, and recommend it to everyone too. Why?

Too fat for fitspo?

Reasons why I feel guilty posting pictures of my body online: ‘Too fat for fitspo’ I say this lightly and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, I know I am not fat. There is also nothing wrong with being fat. However, the internet is flooded with leaner women, women with larger muscles or slimmer waists. […]

ED Recovery is an Ongoing Battle.

She’s coming back. I can feel her knawing at the edges of my mind and creeping up the back of my throat. She’s on the tip of my tongue, hovering behind clenched teeth as I wrestle with what is stronger – the willpower not to eat the cake, or the willpower to ignore her and […]

Glute Activation

Lower Body Strength Training and Quad Dominance. Recently, I have been reading more about how lower body strength training workouts can affect the body in different ways. Since I have been working out regularly, I have noticed improved shape and tone in both my legs and bum, as well as muscle growth. However, a close […]